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INVISI-SHIELD For Audemars Piguet


When you decide to buy INVISI-SHIELD for your watch, you should ensure that it is well-suited and corresponds well with the watch you’re buying it for. Feel free to contact us if you need more information.


INVISI-SHIELD LAB will not be responsible for any DUTIES and TAXES incurred (EU Area)

  1. Use the cleaner to clean your watch, ensure that it's free from dust and dirt.
  2. Wipe off any finger prints, then drop the area with the water.
  3. Carefully peel the wrap off using tweezers and immerse into water.
  4. Lightly lay the wrap on top of the area and adjust the piece accordingly.
  5. Lightly push down on the wrap to get rid of water and activate the achesive.
  6. If fail this step, you can use tweezers to peel off the film on the watch and immerse into water again, lay it again
  7. Repeat until the watch is covered. Allow a few minutes for the part to dry. 
  • DO NOT touch the bottom of the film, alway use tweezers







INVISI-SHIELD preserves the fresh glow and luster of your watch for years to come with the 170±20μm ULTRA THIN Multilayer Thermoplastic Polyurethane and self-healing function. Multi-layer film combines Silicone PET Layer, Self- Healing Coated Layer, Base TPU Film, Silicone PSA Coated Layer and Release Liner provides high flexibility and a strong scratches recovery system of TPU film. 


Thickness : 170±20μm

Peel Strength : 2000±500 gf/inch

Tensile Breaking Strength : 34 Mpa

Elongation Percent : 170±20%

ASTM D3330 ASTM D882

100% High Translucency


Clean and perfect precision laser cutting gives you the best protection solution for your watch. Its resistance to abrasion and corrosion saves your watch from unwanted or accidental damage.

New application method


Unlike the low-quality stickers, INVISI-SHIELD comes with maintenance-free quality clear protection for your watch. Moreover, there will be residual free easily application using water for installation. Once you get done with the application, just dry the film and activate adherence.


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1. Guidelines

2. Tools for application

3. Cleaning cloth for watch

4. INVISI-SHIELD Protective film


When you decide to buy INVISI-SHIELD for your watch, you should ensure that it is well-suited and corresponds well with the watch you’re buying it for. You check the model of your INVISI-SHIELD kit and if it doesn’t match, feel free to contact guidance.

INVISI-SHIELD LAB will not be responsible for any duties and taxes incurred.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible for me to swim while wearing a watch?

    Yes, the protective film is built to withstand water contact no matter if it’s the swimming pool or saltwater.

  • Does it spoil the appearance of the watch?

    No, the film comes with the quality of high translucency and is quite thin and compact resistant than PU/PVC.

  • Does the blue residual appear after I remove it after using for a long time?

    No, there will be no sticky residue left after you remove it. However, if it happens, you can use alcohol to remove it.

  • How durable is it? Will it lift off the watch?

    It is compact and reliable enough to last for 3 years and is dependent on the frequency of usage.